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Greig Rapson



Haven’t doodles in class for a while. Feels good. #art #doodles

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Autumnal school boy kisses. Inspired by Felix d’Eon.

Is there a name for the haircut the blonde is sporting? It’s such a staple of the homoerotic schoolboy genre in film and literature. I think we should call it the cut that sacked a thousand school masters. 

Crispy’s Environments and Characters Tutorial - Part 2: The Drawing


(Straight off, I want you to bear with me if the quality of the drawing is a bit different than my usual—I usually draw things with a paper and pencil and then scan it in, which personally gives me a better level of control on my lines, but it would’ve been a hassle to have to scan and rescan everything over and over. So, I’m doing it digitally! But what I’m going to show here should work regardless of medium.)

Part 1: Planning and Thumbnails

Now that we have everything planned out, we can go to the next phase - the actual drawing.

The way I work is I start with scribbles and then I refine things. Usually this stage on paper, I would be doing a quick preliminary sketch with colored pencil, just to get the placement of everything. Don’t worry about precise perspective or exactly precise proportions for the characters just yet.

Here’s my preliminary undersketch based on the thumbnail. I shaded the foreground really quickly so that you’d be able to understand some of my lines.

The thick line that’s running horizontally across the page (and through Freya’s head) is the horizon line. It’s good to figure out where that is as early as you can—a lot of the time you can eyeball the perspective in a picture just based on where the horizon line is.

After this, I start mapping out the perspective. This is very important in creating the illusion of depth. This picture contains pretty simple 1 point perspective, with the vanishing point somewhere in Freya’s face (which is a simple, pretty-much-cliche way to compositionally push the eye towards the characters, but that’s another tutorial). So, let’s map it out:

Ignoring the fact that Freya looks like she has the universe coming out of her forehead, now we have something that we can base the perspective of the picture on. Let’s do a fuller undersketch now with these guidelines.

Let’s just focus on the environment for now and deal with the characters later.

The reason I generally deal with the environment before working with the characters is because I don’t think you should approach an illustration thinking the characters exist and you form the world around them—the world exists and the characters exist inside of it.

But as you see here I’ve drawn everything according to the perspective map. There are a couple places that might need some fixing up, and I’ve chosen a couple of places (the cards on the foreground shelf, one of the boxes on the top shelf in the background, etc) where they are tilted at a different perspective—this makes the environment slightly more believable, because not everything exists on a grid in reality either.

Now let’s continue onto the characters.

Something I notice in a lot of pictures is that even with people who understand how to create an environment with perspective, there is a disconnect between the characters and the environment because they don’t always apply the same perspective to the characters they are drawing.


This isn’t as difficult as it might sound.

The left is drawn without thinking about perspective, the right was drawn in consideration of the background. You don’t have to be exact—if you know where the horizon line is, you can eyeball the perspective, but things look better and the character looks more like it belongs in the environment when you take perspective into consideration. (note the feet, the shoulders, the elbows, the knees, etc).

Let’s draw the characters.

Characters drawn in perspective!

All of these things help make the characters look like they belong in the environment. Another thing that helps is Character Interaction with the environment. Freya is sitting on the bench, Amarant has his foot on a stool. Little things like that make it so that it’s more believable that the character is IN the environment.

The next part will be coloring. I’mma ink this picture properly now, and I’ll bring you the next part of the tutorial then. I hope you all find this helpful! If you have any questions or need anything further explained, feel free to drop me a note.

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Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas website hacked

Hackers claiming to be with Anonymous Philippines broke through the security measures of the website of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and posted on it a statement calling for the revision of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

UPDATE: They also hacked the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System website… for the second time this month.

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A comic I drew on fighting procrastination.

DoodleAlley always has the best advice.

I’ve been learning to manage my time but I think I should have learned this when I was much younger. I practically work 14 hours a day and study 4 hours so I really need to find time to breathe! Finding my groove now and hope to get even better at it.





“Vertebrata” by Marc da Cunha Lopes.

Skeletons of questionable origin in a variety of domestic and human settings, arranged to carry a solemn and often pensive look, as the sole subject of a seemingly abandoned world. Careful use of light and color palette lends the tableaus an unexpected sense of drama and character to these at once imaginative and delightfully weird collection of photographs which breaths life and emotion into the inanimate creatures, giving them a narrative that dabbles with the notions of loss and emptiness.


that second one freaked me out a little

heee these are awesome 83

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Some Tips I Made For Arists



  • Admit you have talent

No, seriously, do it. Say it right now, aloud, in front of your computer. “I am a good writer/artist/musician/singer/whatever.” Just admit it to yourself. Because I swear when you do, your work will become better. You’d be amazed at what you can produce when you feel confident in your abilities.

  • Stop comparing yourself to other people

“I’ll never be as good of a writer as Hemmingway/Bronte/Rawling!”, “I’ll never sing like Adele/Florence Welch/Joan Jett!”, “I’ll never paint like Picasso/van Goh/O’Keefe!”, “I’ll never draw like Davis/McCracken/MacFarlane!”, “I’ll never play like Hendrix/King/Cooder!”

No. You won’t. You will never, ever be as good as them. And they will never be as good as you. Every artist is unique. You have your own voice just like they had their own voice. Don’t try to be someone else; be you.

  • Be proud of your work

Wrote a shitty poem? Song? Manuscript? Paint something you didn’t like? Drew something wrong? Who. The hell. Cares? At least you DID something! That’s more than most people can say! You finished a piece of work. Be proud of that accomplishment.

  • Realize that not everything you do will be great

This ties in with the previous tip. You’re going to do shitty things. It’s part of being an artist. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to create something great every time. Strive for it, sure, it SHOULD be your goal. But realize that sometimes you’re just going to do something that sucks, and then get over it and try to do better the next time.

  • Be proud of your talent and enjoy it

I’m a writer and my best friend is a singer. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve told each other that we wished we had the others’ talent. This is a typical “grass is always greener” thing. Be proud of what you’re good at and enjoy it, because someone out there is wishing they were as good as you, I guarantee it.

I need to work on all these so badly because these are all the hardest things about being an artist in any field.

(And I don’t even believe in talent, I just believe in interests that get encouraged and from there, shitload of practise)

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Dan McCarthy

i don’t actually like the idea of hanging things up on my wall but i would gladly put all four pieces up.


The SUPERNATURAL ROMANCE genre option! Because APPARENTLY that is a genre now. Is he a vampire? Is he a werewolf? Does it matter?

A kind of dumb but well meaning lad. He’s under a lot of pressure because everyone expects him to find and stalk a girl in highschool and marry her the minute she turns legal, but he wants a career and to have a relationship not based on control! HE IS NOT A PIECE OF MEAT NOR IS HE CHATTEL FOR THE MARRIAGE MARKET. HE IS A HOMINID BEING WITH FEELINGS AND DREAMS! Ah, but such is the misandry of the supernatural matriarchy.


Such an essential element, neglected in its entirety! I forgot the crucifix pendant! A supernatural hottie SIMPLY MUST have a crucifix because irony is sexy (????????????)


And now for some plus size lady goodness.


dingus children series: complete.

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Voiceover for Arkh comic page 2.




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