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bioticbootyshaker asked: yellow, violet, black, and white. :D

yellow: what do you do when you’re stuck in a block? list three sources of inspiration when new ideas are scarce.

  • great artists like: amei, phobs, emma, chira
  • music. if my block is particularly dense, i reconnect with the music i listened to in college, like gackt, dir en grey and l’arc~en~ciel.
  • talk with my girlfriend about our creative projects. never fails to get something bubbling.

violet: describe your work habits. do you eat? do you need music? are you messy or organized? do you keep a notebook? how long can you work at a time? etc.

  • i drink a lot of fluids while i work, usually cold. water or iced tea hits the spot.
  • i usually listen to only one song on repeat, typically the song that inspired the piece i’m working on.
  • i can go for hours working on something. once went 10 hours straight drawing, from sketching to colors.
  • i usually go invisible or sign off when i’m creating. except for a few people, i don’t like to be disturbed.
  • i keep a notebook with me at all times to either jot down ideas or sketch out roughs.
  • super disorganized when i work, mostly because i’ll have 30 or 40 tabs of references open.

black: what is your least favorite part of the creative process?

  • drawing: inking and finding 100000 things wrong
  • writing: starting

white: your favorite? 

  • drawing: composition and injecting symbolism
  • writing: getting into character

darkseraphim21 replied to your post: don’t misuse the word “trauma”

Tbh, people throw all kinds of heavy, serious words around flippantly. It’s kinda gross, actually. There’re people out there who knows what this shit actually feels like, and reading that you’re traumatized by a beetle on your arm is kinda, um…yeah

i absolutely hate it when people throw around psychological disorders so casually. OH I HAVE ANTI-SOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER. no you do not fucking have ASPD. look it up. don’t tell me you have OCPD or OCD. you’re on the internet for god’s sake.

i’d be traumatized if that beetle bit me and paralyzed me for weeks. otherwise, no, you are not traumatized.

THOUGH “trauma” is also used in the medical field. i still highly suggest looking it up.

things i want for my birthday:


fic. tons of fic.

  • fic of my characters is a go. (sure, TMS why not)
  • fic of homestuck is a go. (biased towards jake/dirk, jade/karkat, kanaya/rose)
  • fic of the epic of gilgamesh is a go.
  • fic of fate/zero, especially the tohsakas and tokiomi/gilgamesh is an even bigger go. OR FIC OF WAVER AND RIDER BEING ABSOLUTE BROS.
  • fic of filipino mythology
  • fic of rizal’s novels (crisostomo/elias bias, hush)
  • fic of hermes/apollo (original greek mythology or PJO versions)

everything else, go home.

alternatively, just swap fic with art and i’m good with that too




darkseraphim21 replied to your post: oh delicious parsley and garlic cream cheese on bread

/jots it down are you washing that down with the blood of your enemies? served in goblets made from their skulls?

what are you, a barbarian? too tacky and unhygienic.

i am washing it down with hot chocolate, thankyouverymuch. a well rounded breakfast, served steaming hot from my table made of contorting human bodies and my chair of skulls.

go back to magnificent bastard school. you are a disgrace.

bioticbootyshaker asked: 7, 8, 12 and 13. :)

7. OTPs

  • Gilgamesh/Enkidu (The Epic of Gilgamesh)
  • Kiritsugu/Irisviel (Fate/Zero)
  • Saber/Lancer (Fate/Zero)
  • Madoka/Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
  • Jade/Karkat (Homestuck)

8. Video Games

  • Vagrant Story
  • Xenogears
  • Saga Frontier II
  • Legend of Mana
  • Chrono Cross

12. Childhood Cartoons

  • Captain Planet
  • Swat Kats
  • Scooby Doo
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Dexter’s Lab

13. Disney Films

  • Princess and the Frog
  • Mulan
  • Atlantis
  • (none)
  • (none)

I’m frankly surprised I keep coming up with blanks.

here you go. i noticed a few horrible things (oops, anatomy!) and fixed them for you.

darkseraphim21 replied to your post: Honor! Um… 2, 16, 22 (I bet he’d draw boobs),…

I need a picture of him ripping out a manananggal’s spine and stabbing it in the eye now.>___> HONOR I MISS YOU ;A;

honor’s resume is the most impressive:


  • Strangle manananggal with their own intestines
  • Rip out a kapre’s lungs
  • Suffocate a siyokoy/sirena by dragging it out of the ocean and hanging it from a tree
  • Amputate a tikbalang
  • Kill a balbal by feeding it vegetables

why did you send me fanmail liz whyyy

11, 29, 37 and 38. :)

11. Favorite TV show?

Forever and ever, The Mentalist.

29. What books are you reading?

Reading several books, actually. Can’t seem to finish any of them.

  • Ring, by Koji Suzuki.
  • The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan.
  • Fast Food Fiction, edited by toolazytogoacrosstheroomtopickitup.
  • A Time for Dragons, also toolazytocheck.
  • House of Leaves, Mark Danielewksi.

37. Dogs or cats?

I’m a dog person.

38. Favorite flower?

African Daisy.

darkseraphim21 replied to your post: some fanart vs digital art elitism on my dash to end my night. welp.


while i agree that it is very different to be watching and trying to learn from artists who have their own stories in their heads and artists who merely (and exclusively) churn out fan art, i highly disagree that it is impossible for artists to be artists while immersed in fandom.

we do not exist in voids. any creator must expose themselves to new things constantly, whether it is to further their own craft, to hone it and correct past mistakes, or to simply enjoy. an artist who is not immersed in some form of fandom must lead a very empty, stagnant and hollow life.

edit: i refer to this post.

darkseraphim21 replied to your post: 44, 51, 69

I never thought about the glasses thing that way, probably because I’ve never needed them. You’ve made me think, sir! They are really your eyes, so seeing them as a kink is quite odd! :X

glasses kink has always translated to me as a form of handicapping someone. it falls under the umbrella of taking away someone’s, say, hands or feet. i’ve lived with glasses my whole life so i find nothing sexy about them.

while they do, aesthetically, give a person a more authoritative bearing, dignified even, i cannot link them to sexual attraction. my glasses are literally part of me and being without them can be extremely distressing and depressing.

usedempyrealthunder replied to your post: some people write characters about to have sex the…

… I’d read that. Or they DO have sex but it’s stressful and they’re both miserable but don’t want to show it to their partner and it’s just terrible and it’s actually in the moment after that they manage to connect back in a kind of weird aftercare



You have to ruin all my fun with your relentless logic. ;A; 

doesn’t it suck to be my friend? :) objectively speaking, you want a hero readers can connect with. someone who does feel fear and anxiety, someone who is sharply and painfully reminded that they are mortal and they will and can die.

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Tumblr Crushes:

 darkseraphim21 answered your questionwhile writing about pet lover apps, i came across…

He looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog.… beautiful doggies *_*

 fuckyeahruisheadspace answered your questionwhile writing about pet lover apps, i came across…

The best guess my digging can pull up is a Bermese Mountain Dog. But I’m not a dog person, so… I could be wrong. Hope that helps.

HUH! it seems you guys are right. though my dog’s got pointier ears and rather than flopping down, they stick up straight. my dog’s also leaner. so i suppose he’s been mixed with something else?